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Information Provided Pursuant to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Seller: Robert Sherling

Operating Officer: Robert Sherling

Address: KICHI, Robert Sherling, Minato-ku Aoyama 2-2-15, Win Aoyama 942, Tokyo-to 107-0062, Japan

Customer Service Tel:

+81 50 5479 5013

Price: Subscription prices are shown on the site and in the mobile app.

Please refer to the pricing page for details on pricing.

Method of payment:

Payment is available through credit cards, in-app subscriptions on iOS devices, and in-app subscriptions on devices that use the Google Play Store.

Timing of Payment:

Kichi is a subscription-based service. Your first fee will be charged on the date your free trial ends, and thereafter, on the same date every month or year according to your plan.

When the Service Starts for you:

Services are made available instantly, once registration is complete.


Subscriptions can be canceled by clicking the Billing link on your account page on the website if you have registered with a credit card, or from the app store you used to purchase your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you will be able to continue to use Kichi until the subscription ends.


Why Kichi

How It Works



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Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

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